Why Use a Bicycle Mirror

Road Bike Mirror – Safety is No Accident!

Safety is of utmost importance whilst biking, riding, or cycling on the road. And a bicycle mirror is a must-have accessory for your on-road safety. With a bike mirror, you don’t have to worry about what is behind you, nor do you need to swerve to check the traffic behind you – a mirror can effortlessly show you every activity behind your back. It is like your personal protective gear when cycling. While you can’t imagine not having mirrors on your car, how can you think of riding on the road on a bike without a rear mirror?

Interactive Comparison Chart

best road bike mirror to useMirrycle "Mountain Mirrycle" Bicycle Bar End Mirror
- Fits inside handlebars with 15.8mm - 23.4mm (.62" to .92") inside diameters.
- Mounts in minutes - tools included
- Wide angle view
- Adjustable to any angle
£15.99road bike mirror review76
best bike mirror for road bikesZefal Mirror Spycycling mirror
- Snap on mounting with rubber strap
- No tools required
- Convex mirror
- Fully adjustable
- Made from chrome plated plastic
£9.76bicycle mirror review41
mirrycle mountain bike mirrorZefal Mirror Cyclopbike mirror
- Left or Right hand universal bar end fitting
- Large convex mirror made from chrome plated ABS
- Fully adjustable
- Folds on impact
£10.39best flat bar road bike42
mirrycleZefal Spin Bar End Handlebar Mirrormirrycle mountain bike mirror
- Suitable for Road, Mountain, Hybrid & Trekking bikes.
- Convex mirror. - Universal bar end fitting mounting system.
- Shock resistant chrome plated ABS mirror
- Left or Right Sided. - Completely adjustable rotation.
- Folds away when not in use. Weight: 44g.
£8.57bicycle mirrors34

Bicycle Mirror – Importance

Most of us believe a bicycle mirror isn’t as important an accessory as any other safety gear, thinking swerving serves the same purpose. But swerving can be fatal, especially with a loaded bike or where you are riding on a hilly terrain or even riding on bad roads. After all, you cannot take the risk of not looking ahead of you in such terrains or situations, and swerving is always a dangerous move in hilly tracks. A road bike mirror is like having eyes in the back of your head, without which, you may be blind for rear view.

A Cycling Mirror: A Must-Have

Key road etiquette while driving, riding or cycling is to keep your eyes focused to the front, and a bike rear view mirror helps you keep up with the demeanour. With this devise, you can easily keep your eyes focused in the front while being able to catch approaching objects behind you using your peripheral vision.

• A mirror is all the more important when biking in a country with unfamiliar driving rules or conditions. In some countries, traffic rules are easily flouted, which makes driving on road a dangerous experience. You might find drivers passing you or even coming at you from any direction almost unexpectedly. Such situations or circumstances make this a safety necessity. Many countries drive on the wrong side, which makes it trickier to cycle or get used to traffic coming from the wrong side. So you don’t want to add to your risk of biking on such roads without using this safety feature.

• A recumbent bicycle makes it almost impossible for the rider or cyclist to turn their head quickly or far enough. With a mirror, cycling is quite seamless even on a recumbent bicycle.

• Makes it all the more easier for you to see what is approaching from behind when you are bundled up with a hood on a cold winter day. The scenario is the same where you are wearing eyeglasses. With your glasses on, you may have to turn your head farther than other cyclists to look through the mirror to find who is at your back.

• In heavy traffic conditions, requiring sudden lane changes, it is usually essential to know about traffic conditions at the rear.

The question is whether it is indeed a must-have safety accessory whilst riding. Well, it’s certainly hard to imagine the scenario for a cyclist on a busy city street, especially if you are riding a bicycle without a mirror. Since you don’t have a motor, applying sudden breaks in the event of an accident or unruly traffic from behind can cause great injury. It is thus crucial to take precautions and follow road etiquette for safety purpose.
True, a bicycle mirror is not mandated by state law, which means it is not illegal to paddle without one. Nevertheless, they play a crucial role in ensuring your safety on road. After all, you can’t just turn your head in every situation!

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